In conversation with Sejal Goyal of Suhi & Sego

Sejal Goyal, the co-founder of Suhi & Sego, has been a friend of our brand since day one. As a young founder and entrepreneur, I can't help but admire what Sejal has achieved with her brand in such a short time. Sejal started out as a content creator, sharing her Dadi's skincare secrets #DadiSays and built a loyal following with her engaging and accessible content. We at Gunam, wanted her perspective on all things skin. 

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- Elizabeth Issac, Founder of Gunam Beauty

What's the relationship that you share with skincare? And, how has that evolved in the past?

For me skincare is purely the act of taking care of myself– similar to eating healthy and working out. I cherish my morning and evening rituals so much. It's the few moments of the day when I'm truly focusing on myself.  

In the past, I would focus a lot on corrective skincare. By that I mean trying to "fix" a certain concern that I have by using a particular product. As I learnt more about skincare, I realized it's equally, if not more important, to focus on prevention. The idea of maintaining a healthy skin barrier while protecting my skin with consistent use of SPF. Quick fixes don't exist for me anymore. 

As influencers, you've tried a bunch of products? What are your biggest pet-peeves when it comes to beauty products?
My biggest pet peeve has to be when a brand reaches out for a collaboration and dictates what should be said. Paid or not, a creator should always have the liberty to express their original thoughts and feelings towards a product. That's the only way for us to stay authentic and fair to our community. 

How do you shop for a beauty product? What does your checklist look like?
Firstly, I always look for products that I truly need in my routine. The first thing I look at is the brand's overall reputation and promises. And then I look at the key ingredients and complete the ingredient list. I do find myself reading reviews as well. Packaging is secondary, but I always make sure that it's user friendly! 

There's an overload of information on the internet today--what's your strategy to break through the clutter?
I try to limit my consumption to what is relevant to me. After that I do my own research to ensure that what's being portrayed to me is realistic and true. Also it's sort of impossible to incorporate every piece of advice - so I try my best to stick to what has actually worked for me. 

After using a product, what's your process of assessing its quality? 
 The first step would be how it feels on instant application. I believe skincare should feel good and should be very easy to use. After that, I make it a point to be consistent with the product. And that means using it for at least a month before deciding whether the product is effective or not. 

How has your experience with Gunam Beauty been? 
I love the liquid exfoliant! It's my favorite product from Gunam. The formula has a relaxing floral scent, and it sinks into my skin with no tackiness. I experienced no purging or irritation with the product, and it's helped with skin texture & hydration.
Lastly, what's the one skincare tip that has really helped you?
Keeping my routine minimal and being consistent with it! And as I mentioned above, focusing on prevention over correction!